Exam 350-401 Question id=5566 Infrastructure

An engineer has deployed a single Cisco 5520 WLC with a management IP address of 172 16.50.5/24. The engineer must register 50 new Cisco AIR-CAP2802I-E-K9 access points to the WLC using DHCP option 43. The access points are connected to a switch in VLAN 100 that uses the subnet. The engineer has configured the DHCP scope on the switch as follows:
Network Default Router Option 43 ASCII
The access points are failing to join the wireless LAN controller. Which action resolves the issue?

A. configure option 43 Hex F104.AC10.3205
B. configure option 43 Hex F104.CA10.3205
C. configure dns-server
D. configure dns-server 172. 16.100.1



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