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Exam 300-101 Question id=457 Infrastructure Services

Refer to the exhibit.
Sampler:mysampler, id:1, packets matched:10, mode:random sampling mode
Which statement about the output of the show flow-sampler command is true?

A. The sampler matched 10 packets, each packet randomly chosen from every group of 100 packets.
B. The sampler matched 10 packets, one packet every 100 packets.
C. The sampler matched 10 packets, each one randomly chosen from every 100-second interval.
D. The sampler matched 10 packets, one packet every 100 seconds.

The sampling mode determines the algorithm that selects a subset of traffic for NetFlow processing. In the random sampling mode that Random Sampled NetFlow uses, incoming packets are randomly selected so that one out of each n sequential packets is selected on average for NetFlow processing. For example, if you set the sampling rate to 1 out of 100 packets, then NetFlow might sample the 5th, 120th, 199th, 302nd, and so on packets. This sample configuration provides NetFlow data on 1 percent of total traffic. The n value is a parameter from 1 to 65535 packets that you can configure.

show flow-sampler Field Descriptions

samplerName of the flow sampler
idUnique ID of the flow sampler
packets matchedNumber of packets matched for the flow sampler
modeFlow sampling mode
sampling intervalsFlow sampling interval (in packets)