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Exam 300-101 Question id=442 Infrastructure Services

A network engineer is trying to implement broadcast-based NTP in a network and executes the ntp broadcast client command. Assuming that an NTP server is already set up, what is the result of the command?

A. It enables receiving NTP broadcasts on the interface where the command was executed.
B. It enables receiving NTP broadcasts on all interfaces globally.
C. It enables a device to be an NTP peer to another device.
D. It enables a device to receive NTP broadcast and unicast packets.

The NTP service can be activated by entering any ntp command. When you use the ntp broadcast client command, the NTP service is activated (if it has not already been activated) and the device is configured to receive NTP broadcast packets on a specified interface simultaneously.

ntp broadcast clientAllows the system to recieve NTP broadcast packets on an interface.