Exam 300-101 Question id=406 Layer 2 Technologies

A corporate policy requires PPPoE to be enabled and to maintain a connection with the ISP, even if no interesting traffic exists. Which feature can be used to accomplish this task?

A. TCP Adjust
B. Dialer Persistent
C. PPPoE Groups
D. Half-bridging
E. Peer Neighbor Route

A new interface configuration command, dialer persistent, allows a dial-on-demand routing (DDR) dialer profile connection to be brought up without being triggered by interesting traffic. When configured, the dialer persistent command starts a timer when the dialer interface starts up and starts the connection when the timer expires. If interesting traffic arrives before the timer expires, the connection is still brought up and set as persistent. The command provides a default timer interval, or you can set a custom timer interval.

To configure a dialer interface as persistent, use the following commands beginning in global configuration mode:

Step 1Router(config)#interface dialer numberCreates a dialer interface and enters interface configuration mode.
Step 2Router(config-if)#ip address address maskSpecifies the IP address and mask of the dialer interface as a node in the destinatiopn network to be called.
Step 3Router(config-if)#encapsulation typeSpecifies the ecapsulation type.
Step 4Router(config-if)#dialer string dial-string class class-nameSpecifies the remote destination to call and the map class that defines characteristics for calls to this destination.
Step 5Router(config-if)#dialer pool numberSpecifies the dialing pool to use for calls to this destination.
Step 6Router(config-if)#dialer-group group-numberAssigns the dialer interface to a dialer group.
Step 7Router(config-if)#dialer list dialer-group protocol protocol-name {permit | deny | list access-list-number}Specifies an access list by list number or by protocol and list number to define the interesting packets that can trigger a call.
Step 8Router(config-if)#dialer remote-name user-name(Optional) Specifies the authentication name of the remote router on the destination subnetwork for a dialer interface.
Step 9Router(config-if)#dialer persistent [delay [initial] seconds | max-attempts number]Forces a dialer interface to be connected at all times, even in the absence of interesting traffic.



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