Exam 210-260 Question id=680 VPN

Refer to the exhibit.
current_peer PERMIT, flags=(origin_is_acl,) #pkts encaps: 1205, #pkts encrypt: 1205, #pkts digest 1205 #pkts decaps: 1168, #pkts decrypt: 1168, #pkts verify 1168 #pkts not compressed: 0, #pkts compr. failed: 0, #pkts decompress failed: 0, #send errors 0, #recv errors 0 local crypto endpt.:, remote crypto endpt.:
While troubleshooting site-to-site VPN, you issued the show crypto ipsec sa command.
What does the given output show?

A. IPSec Phase 2 is established between and
B. ISAKMP security associations are established between and
C. IKE version 2 security associations are established between and
D. IPSec Phase 2 is down due to a mismatch between encrypted and decrypted packets.


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