Exam 200-120 Question id=83 WAN Technologies


Which statement describes DLCI 101?

A. DLCI 101 describes the ISDN circuit between R2 and R3.
B. DLCI 101 describes a PVC on R2. It cannot be used on R3 or R1.
C. DLCI 101 is the Layer 2 address used by R2 to describe a PVC to R3.
D. DLCI 101 describes the dialup circuit from R2 and R3 to ISP router.
E. DLCI 101 is the Layer 3 Frame-Relay address used by R2 to describe a PVC to R3.

Data Link Connection Identifier (DLCI)
DLCI values are used on Frame Relay interfaces to distinguish between different virtual circuits. DLCIs have local significance because, the identifier references the point between the local router and the local Frame Relay switch to which the DLCI is connected.


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