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Exam 200-120 Question id=62 WAN Technologies

Which statistics appear in show frame-relay map output?

A. the number of BECN packets that are received by the router
B. the value of the local DLCI
C. the number of FECN packets that are received by the router
D. the status of the PVC that is configured on the router
E. the IP address of the local router

Router# show frame-relay map Serial 1 (administratively down): ip dlci 177 (0xB1,0x2C10), static, broadcast, CISCO TCP/IP Header Compression (inherited), passive (inherited)

show frame-relay map Fields:
- a Frame Relay interface and its status
- Destination IP address.
- DLCI that identifies the logical connection being used to reach this interface.
- Indicates whether this is a static or dynamic entry.
- Indicates the encapsulation type for this map; either CISCO or IETF.
- Indicates whether the TCP/IP header compression characteristics were inherited from the interface or were explicitly configured for the IP map.