Exam 200-120 Question id=30 IP Routing Technologies


RouterA(config)# ip route serial0/0

RouterA is configured with a basic configuration. The link between the two routers is operational and no routing protocols are configured on either router. The line shown in the exhibit is then added to router RouterA. Should interface fa0/0 on router RouterB shutdown, what effect will the shutdown have on router RouterA?

A. A route to will remain in the RouterA routing table.
B. A packet to host will be dropped by router RouterA.
C. Router RouterA will send an ICMP packet to attempt to verify the route.
D. Because router RouterB will send a poison reverse packet to router RouterA, RouterA will remove the route.

Static route is installed in the routing table only when the preferred route disappears. Status of serial0/0 did not change when fa0/0 shutdown - so is remain in the RouterA routing table.


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