Exam 200-120 Question id=100 Troubleshooting

The output of the show frame-relay pvc command shows "PVC STATUS = INACTIVE".
What does this mean?

A. The PVC is configured correctly and is operating normally, but no data packets have been detected for more than five minutes.
B. The PVC is configured correctly, is operating normally, and is no longer actively seeking the address of the remote router.
C. The PVC is configured correctly, is operating normally, and is waiting for interesting traffic to trigger a call to the remote router.
D. The PVC is configured correctly on the local switch, but there is a problem on the remote end of the PVC.
E. The PVC is not configured on the local switch.
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There are 4 statuses of PVC:
ACTIVE: the PVC is operational and can transmit data .
INACTIVE: the connection from the local router to the switch is working, but the connection to the remote router is not available.
DELETED: the PVC is not present and no LMI information is being received from the Frame Relay switch.
STATIC: the Local Management Interface (LMI) mechanism on the interface is disabled.


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