Exam 400-101 Question id=897 Infrastructure Security

You want to create a named ACL to use in a route map that allows redistribution of the following subnets:

Which of the following commands should you issue in order to fulfill your objective?

A. permit
B. permit
C. permit
D. permit

You should issue the permit command. The basic syntax of the permit command is permit source wildcard-mask. A 20bit subnet mask, which corresponds to the wildcard mask, will aggregate 16 contiguous 24bit subnets. Therefore, a 20bit mask can be used to allow redistribution of addresses from through, which includes all of the subnets in this scenario.
You should not issue the permit command. A 21bit subnet mask, which corresponds to the wildcard mask, would aggregate eight contiguous 24bit subnets. Although there are only seven subnets in this scenario, the 21bit mask boundary falls between the subnet and the subnet. Therefore, the permit command would allow redistribution of only the addresses from through
You should not issue the permit command or the permit command. The permit command accepts wildcard masks, not subnet masks.


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