Exam 400-101 Question id=841 Network Principles

You boot a router that contains an RXBOOT image and no startup configuration file. After a few moments, streamlined Setup mode begins.

Which of the following will you be prompted to configure?

A. the host name
B. the VTY password
C. the enable secret password
D. interface parameters

You will be prompted to configure interface parameters, such as IP addresses and subnet masks. Streamlined Setup mode enables a router to load an image from a network server. A router will enter streamlined Setup mode if any of the following conditions are met:
-The startup configuration has been removed by issuing the erase startup-config command.
-The startup configuration file has become corrupted.
-Bit 6 of the configuration register is set, which specifies that the router should ignore the contents of nonvolatile random access memory (NVRAM).
-The last four bits of the configuration register are equal to a value of 0 or 1.

However, if an RXBOOT image is not installed on the router, the router will enter ROM monitor (ROMmon) mode instead.

Streamlined Setup is faster than standard Setup. In addition to interface parameters, standard Setup will prompt you to configure various global router parameters, such as the host name, the virtual terminal (VTY) password, and the enable secret password.


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