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Exam 400-101 Question id=151 Layer 2 Technologies

Which statements are true about an EVPL?

A. It has a high degree of transparency.
B. It does not allow for service multiplexing.
C. The EVPL service is also referred to as E-line.
D. It is a point-to-point Ethernet connection between a pair of UNIs.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

An all-fiber optic network service that connects subscriber locations at native LAN speeds, EVPL uses point-to-point Ethernet virtual connections (EVCs) to define site-to-site connections:

- Can be configured to support multiple EVCs to enable hub and spoke configuration.
- Supports a wide variety of EVC bandwidth options so you can incrementally scale bandwidth to meet your growing network requirements.
- Easy desktop control over bandwidth via the Verizon Enterprise Center portal.
- EVCs are offered in 1Mbps increments from 1-10Mbps, 10Mbps increments from 10-100Mbps and 100Mbps increments from 100-1000Mbps.
- Scalability – allows you to purchase and provision only what you need then scale bandwidth as you network requirements grow.
- Point-to-point EVC offer predictable performance for customer applications.
- Ideal for voice, video, and real-time data.