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Exam 100-105 Question id=537 Infrastructure Maintenance

For the Router A the simulated console mode needs to start and remain in enabled mode.
RouterA have been configured to operate in a private network which will connect to the Internet. You have been asked to review the configuration prior to cabling and implementation.
This task requires the use of various IOS commands to access and inspect the running configuration of RouterA. No configuration changes are necessary.
You will connect to RouterA via the console device.
NOTE: The configuration command has been disabled for both the router and switch in this simulation.

Here is the RouterA configuration:
! ! no service password-encryption ! hostname Router1 enable secret 5 $1$14mlkm52…. ip domain-name ip ssh version 2 !! username ciscouser password 0 cisco banner login ^c ************ welcome to router1 If you encountered any problem, please consult the administrator ************* ^c ! line con 0 password cisco line vty 0 4 password 4thfcvcf no login transport input telnet ssh
Which of the following are true regarding the configuration of RouterA?

A. at least 5 simultaneous remote connections are possible
B. only telnet protocol connections to RouterA are supported
C. remote connections to RouterA using telnet will succeed
D. console line connections will never time out due to inactivity
E. since DHCP is not used on Fa0/1 there is no need to use the NAT protocol

A is correct as we can telnet from line 0 to line 4 (line vty o 4).
We can use both telnet and SSH to connect to this router (transport input telnet ssh) -> B is not correct.
C is correct as we can telnet to it.
D is not correct because by default, the timeout is set to 10 minutes on both the console and the vty ports.
E is not correct as NAT can be used even DHCP is not used.