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Exam 200-310 Question id=361 Considerations for Expanding an Existing Network

Refer to the exhibit.

interface Serial1.10 point-to-point ip address no ip directed-broadcast frame-relay interface-dlci 100 class myNet ! map-class frame-relay mynet frame-relay adaptive-shaping becn frame-relay cir 1544000 frame-relay bc 8000 frame-relay be 8000 frame-relay mincir 16000

A network engineer at a technical call center receives a call from a customer complaining that only 56 kbps of data can be transferred over the T1 Frame Relay WAN circuit at a remote site. The engineer checks the Frame Relay switch and confirms that only 56 kbps is being transferred over the circuit. The engineer requests the router configuration of the customer headquarters site router. What is causing this issue to occur?

A. The wrong CIR is configured.
B. The BECN configuration is causing this issue.
C. The class name is spelled wrong under the interface.
D. The wrong DLCI number is assigned to the interface.